Different video poker games

Video poker games are available in different styles with varying game features and pay tables. When it comes to house edge on the casino floor, one of the best games is the video poker game. Being successful at video poker starts from finding the right machine that fits your style of play and understanding the right strategy of the game.

There are various video poker games to choose from, and these games are developed with slightly varying features, depending on the game provider. In addition to that, the house has a small edge when it comes to video poker. Although, it can be said that video poker games are very enticing and fascinating with cool gimmicks and animations.

The most popular video poker games

One of the most popular video poker games is the Jacks or Better video poker game, which you can find virtually in either land-based casinos or online casinos. The Jacks or Better video poker game offers a high RTP of 99.54%, but it has low variance. Another popular video poker game is the Double Bonus Poker.

The Double Bonus Poker offers a very high RTP of 100.17% with its full pay version and also a very high variance. However, this full pay version is not available for online casinos. Other highly popular videos poker games with high variance are Deuces Wild, Pick’em Poker, Joker Poker, and Ace on the Deal. See more details at http://gratiscasinobonusutanins├Ąttning.com/

Although the games are different, they actually all operate basically in the same way. Therefore, playing any video poker game requires the same basic knowledge such as deciding how many coins you will like to wager, pressing the deal button to receive your card, then selecting which card you will like to keep and also discarding the cards you did not keep.