Live Casino

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live casino, casino games online, casino, bonuses, freespinsOnline casinos are considered the way of the future compared with the usual bricks and mortar casinos. With online casinos, you longer have to dress up, drive for miles and mingle with the crowds of other patrons during a busy weekend. If you decide to play casino games online, you will experience comfort, and stress-free game playing. Also, you can play some of the instant-win games on the go, thanks to the mobile capability of some sites and games. But there’s one critical feature of online casinos that supports the way casino players enjoy their casino games. It’s live casino. They are also known as live casino dealer games. These casino games provide an authentic playing experience. It gives the players the chance to simulate the real casino experience in their own homes.

Basics of Live Casino

A live casino is often a premium feature in many online casinos. Not all casino operators offer players the chance to play live casino. But, for casinos that offer this feature the gaming experience becomes even more fun and realistic. In basic live casino set-ups, there is an assigned human dealer. It runs the shown in real time from a gaming table. And, the action is transmitted directly and beamed into your living room using a live stream.

The player can watch the action in real time. And, make betting decisions in an instant. Communication between the dealer and the player is often through the use of the chat feature of the casino. In the live casino set-up, the results of the casino game are determined by real-life transactions and actions. And, not an automated procedure. This is often the major attraction with many regular casinos, justifying the enormous establishment costs of them.

There are a number of investments that have to be made in the event that a casino operator wants to offer a live casino. The investments made by the casino focus primarily on the technology. And, the equipment that can support the live streaming of casino action. For example, the casino operator would have to invest in the right technology, cameras and a competent staff to support the operations. In many casinos that offer live casino, at least three rooms are utilized. The casino will maintain a live studio, a room for the analyst. And, the software room. And since running the show requires heavy investment, many casinos only offer a select list of casino games.

Top Casino Games Offered in Live Casino

live casino, casino games online, casino, bonuses, freespinsNot all casino games incorporate the live casino feature due to the costs involved. To help cut costs and attract more players, many casinos usually rely on the classic table games. These days it is common to encounter classic table games like Baccarat, different versions of Blackjack, and Roulette.

To maximise player convenience and comfort, some live casino operators will allow players to watch the stream from their mobile phones, and place their wagers using a television remote, or via their mobile phone. Chat is sometimes included in the design to help promote socialization among members and players.