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slots online, casino online, freespins, bonusIn the development of casino games, the ease of gameplay, level of entertainment and customization involved are considered to be the key critical requirements that should be considered a priority. Although the sizer of the jackpot is important for many players, the overall design configuration of the game can make the difference between failure and success. Find out more about slots online!

This is the main reason why many online casino games are set up to be easy-to-play and offer instant winnings. Most players and casino enthusiasts prefer games with easy gameplay. And, an entertaining design and graphics that can sustain play for hours. The casino gaming environment provides dozens of games designed with these principles in mind. But, the most popular of all is online slots. These games are simply the online versions of the classic slot machines that populate many brick and mortar casinos. No casinos can be considered complete without these popular machines.

Different Varieties of Slots Available

slots online, casino online, freespins, bonusSlots are designed and configured in different ways, depending on the needs and specifications of the software developer. Also, these online games are designed with the needs and entertainment of players in mind. For starters, slot games available online will differ in the number of reels involved. The traditional, earlier slots available for players are the 3-reel slots. But today, the majority of slots available now features five reels.

The great thing about slots with more reels is that these games can provide better jackpots. Also, slots are available in different game types which can appeal to a diverse set of players and slot enthusiasts. The most popular and traditional slots type is the classic slots. Through the years, slots have changed to meet the demands of players. And, utilise the latest technologies. Today, it is now common for casinos online to offer different types of slots like video slots, fruit machines and 3D slots. Some software developers even partner with other companies and Hollywood studios like Marvel to come up with highly entertaining slots.

Random Spins, Solid Entertainment

Although slots games available online differ on a number of counts from their ‘physical’ counterparts, these games still retain some similarities. For example, all slots games run on the technology platform called the Random Number Generator or RNG, a feature that selects the numbers or symbols that will be shown on the reels. This technology ensures the randomness of the results, thus creating the excitement and suspense that comes with online slots. The use of this technology means that every spin is made at random. And, slots games are not under hot or cold cycles.

Free Spins and Bonus Rounds

slots online, casino online, freespins, bonusTo provide players with more motivation to play the game, software designers often add a few bonuses and in-game feature. These features and bonuses are in addition to the expected jackpot that can be earned in the game. Two popular features are the Free Spins and the Bonus Rounds.

As the name suggests, the free spin round is that part of the game that can reward the players with extra games. This means that the players can spin for cash, for free. In many slots games, the free spin rounds can be activated if at least three scatters are shown on the reels. The number of free spins will vary, depending on the slots provider. Also, most casino slots will also offer bonus rounds. In bonus rounds, the players are given the chance to double their winnings, or even earn more prizes.

Online slots are here to stay, and they are expected to grow and improve in the next few years. In an effort to entertain players and provide better jackpots, software developers are scrambling to provide the market with high-end, profitable and highly entertaining online slots!