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blackjack, casino online, free spins, casino gamesWhen it comes to classic and popular casino games, the game ‘Blackjack’ is often considered on the short list. For the longest time, this card game has dominated brick and mortar casinos. And, has become the table game of choice for many established casino players. Affectionately called ‘Twenty-One’, this card game pits the players against the casino, or the dealer. There are at least three ways to beat the casino dealer in this game.

First, you can win the game if the total value of the cards is 21, and the dealer failed to make Blackjack. Second, you can secure the winnings if you get a higher score than the house, with the total value not exceeding 21. And third, you can still win in the game if the dealer continues to draw more cards until such time that the ‘house hand’ exceeds 21. Because of the simplicity of the rules, this game has become the most popular card game. Because of its popularity, a range of different variants of the game have been produced. Listed below are some of the popular variants to the general rules and playing of the game.

Spanish 21

This variant of the game provides players and casino enthusiasts with more flexibility in rules, including, but not limited to doubling down, late surrender and better payouts. The main idea behind this variant is the 21 of the player will always win over the 21 of the dealer. There are other rules to follow in this game. And, it’s best that players are aware of the specific rules before playing. For example, if you get a 21 from 5 cards in different suits, then the payout is pegged at 3:2. and if you can get the 21 in 6, then the usual payout is pegged at 2:1.

Vegas Strip

This is considered the most popular game among Vegas Blackjack versions, primarily due to the low house edge. This game shares a number of similarities with the classic blackjack. But, except the use of 4 decks of playing cards. If you split the Ace, and get another card with 10 as the value, the score you will get is a 21, and not necessarily a Blackjack.

European Blackjack

This another classic card game offering where players have to play with two decks of cards. This game rewards the Blackjack. And, this hand will automatically beat other hands with a value of 21 and any face cards, from Kings to Jacks. Aces in this game hold a value of 1 or 11. A player can request a ‘hit’, which can result in an extra nine playing cards. Under the rules of the game, the casino dealer will stand if the value is 17 or more than 21. And, it is considered a bust, making the player the winner of the round.

These are just some of the more popular variations of Blackjack. They may differ on some rules and payouts, but all games are still anchored to the same principle, including the importance of 21 as a winning value.